Sunday, February 27, 2011

Steve Lavin and the UCLA Protozoans

Each time I googled St. John's men's basketball coach Steve Lavin recently, a post appeared near the top entitled, "Why We Hate Steve Lavin - Bruins Nation." It was published by UCLA fan site I found what I read there to be so distasteful and malicious, so utterly unfair and untrue, that I decided to let you know the truth.  Decide for yourselves what you think of these protozoan yahoos from UCLA.  Then, if you agree, please help me spread the word about them so that everyone knows how delusional they are, and what a terrific coach Steve Lavin is.
I'm setting the record straight.  Don't believe all the crap that you hear, because it's all coming from the yellow journalists that make up the BruinsNation UCLA fan community.

UCLA fans are the most pompous, arrogant asses in the universe. They’re living in the past, and they slander and complain about every coach who doesn’t get to the Final Four every year, as if the so-called “four letters” are entitled to it.

Coach Steve Lavin’s record speaks for itself, regardless of the naysayers at UCLA who have tried to take him down.  They from UCLA with the unbelievable sense of entitlement often have nothing more to criticize than his hair.  They blame him for bringing their “storied program” down after he takes them to six NCAA tournaments, including four Sweet Sixteens, one Elite Eight, and had ONE losing season in seven years.  How many other coaches have done this? One. Coach K at Duke.  The proof is in the pudding.

Self important jerks, they are.  They’re the ones who have maligned and slandered Coach Lavin. They’re the ones who have tried to make this BS about him stick.  There is nothing that the UCLA crowd has said about Lavin that couldn't be said about any other coach at one time or another, except that most of the other coaches don’t have the outstanding record that Lavin has.  Steve Lavin is back coaching and has to prove himself because of the pukes at UCLA? Not to the discerning college basketball fan, he doesn't.  They must be having fits about all the publicity and accolades that he's receiving over the outstanding job he's doing with St. John's.

What about Ben Howland?  I suppose he can’t coach, either. Take a look at UCLA basketball this year.  Isn't the same scenario that is attributed to Lavin during his days there applicable to Ben Howland today?  Hasn't he, too, lost games he should have won? Until recently, they were beginning to question whether Howland had been upholding UCLA's legacy.  Imagine.  He only went to the Final Four three times since he's been there!

If you look at the crap that some of them have written about Lavin on their blogs, I’m sure that it would make the great John Wooden turn over in his grave.  It’s eight years later, and they’re still on his case!  The man gave twelve years of his career to UCLA.  They should be grateful.  Instead all they issue are cheap shots, mostly not having to do with basketball.  Look at their classless, profane chant a few weeks ago at the USC game.  They're in the gutter, and it's precisely where they belong.  Lavin, in stark contrast, has been the absolute classiest guy, always complimentary about his time there.

So, Steve Lavin comes on the scene again and in a very short time recruits the #2 class in the country for next year.  He takes a team that hadn't won three Big East games in a row for over ten years, and he makes them believe in themselves.  He beats Duke, the reigning national champion by 15 points -- and it wasn't even that close -- as well as Georgetown, Notre Dame, Pittsburgh, Connecticut and Villanova.  He gets St. John's into the Top 25 for the first time in eleven years.  He builds a top notch staff, and he excites the entire New York metro area.  He sells out Madison Square Garden for the first time since 2003.  He raises over $2 million for St John’s basketball.  And he gets a ton of press for the Johnnies. He's a contender to win Big East Coach of the Year honors and beyond!  It’s true what I’ve heard said repeatedly: “UCLA fans… complain about every coach not named 'Wooden'.”  Not bad for someone who supposedly can't coach.

I hope that, having read this, if you agree, please discount every negative word that you hear about Steve Lavin that emanates from those exigent oafs.  Consider the lowly source from which it comes.  UCLA people should get real and arise from their delusion. They’re no longer at the top. Their actions are despicable.  They have a distorted sense of themselves.  Their time is long gone. They ought to get over it and get outta town!

If you're a friend of Steve Lavin, pass this along to your friends.